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Stability of hotspots


In parameters.Setting the folders have to be specified first.

inputDirectoryCSV: Folder for the CSV data. If data does not exist change to local folders. To download the data in demo. Execute the main program up to the line 16. This will automatically download the New York Taxi Trip Data for January/February/March 2011-2016.


This dataset is approx. 30 GB

Results are stored in directories ouptDirectory and statDirectory.

Calculation of hotspots for geo data

Execute demo.Main' for the calculation of hotspots and variation of the focal matrix/weight matrix and aggregation level.

Scenario(variation of parameters between parent and child): Focal/Weight/Aggregationsstufe

Results can be found at "outputDirectory"/"Scenaria"/focal_/"(true|false)"d3.csv For example: "outputDirectory"/Aggregation/focal_falsed3.csv


As well as the TIFs in folder 2016. Can then be displayed in the following way using QGis:

Focal G* example - single band

Geo Example

Calculation of hotspots for geotemporal data

scripts. MetricValidation can be executed to perform the calculation for the geo-temporal space. Here the metrics getisOrd. SoH#getMetrikResults will be called. An Array with different test settings can be createdUnder scripts.MetricValidation#getScenarioSettings.

The following will be computed:

  • G* for 2016
  • Various Metrics
  • G* for 2011-2015 including the percentage match

  • Focal G* for 2016

  • Various Metrics
  • Focal G* für 2011-2015 including the percentage match

The path of the metrics results is defined in the method importExport.PathFormatter#getResultDirectoryAndName.

For example {ouptDirectory}/GIS_Daten/2016/1/Metrik/focal/a4_w5_wT1_f20_fT2result.txt

Metric Value
SoH_Down 0.7549668874172185
SoH_Up 0.04694835680751175
neighbours (1,0,1,0,1,0)
jaccard 0.5352112676056338
percentual -1.0
time_Down 0.45329470205147443
time_Up 0.13020833333333334
KL 0.9963685899429499
... ...

The paths to the TIFs are defined within the method importExport.PathFormatter#getDirectoryAndName.

Focal G* example (multi-band)

{ouptDirectory}/GIS_Daten/Mulitbandtrue/2016/3/GStar/focal/a3_w6_wT2_f16_fT3_z1 Geotemporal Example