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Drosophila Suzukii Observations (Vitimeteo)

The website VitiMeteo provides informations for winemakers. The site is provided by the Staatliches Freiburg.

Figure 1: Screenshot of VitiMeteo webpage: Showing reported egg finds

Screenshot fo VitiMeteo

In the data provided by VitiMeteo are, among other things, observations of the spread of Drosophila suzukii. This data consists of trap findings of Drosophila suzukii as well as percentage information about how many berries were infested in a sample taken at the station. Additionally, there is percentage information about how many eggs were found in a sample. This percentage can be over 100%, if there are more egg findings than berries in a sample. These observations are collected from 867 stations non-uniformly spread over Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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