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SenseBox-based Weather Stations (FZI)



  • support two different modes of data transmission: WLAN and LoRa

    • LoRa is preferred for longer range and easier deployment (no site-specific configuration)
  • LoRa gateways

    • Two LoRa gateways should be deployed, one at FZI, the other at LUBW-KA (TODO:clarify)
    • Gateways are a Kickstarter project, and have not yet been delivered as of 2017-12-15. Last status on Kickstarter is that the gateways are ready to ship (2017-11-06)
    • Julian handles Kickstarter and deployment
  • Data handling

    • a common Kafka queue for events from both transports
    • one Kafka message per transmitted event, containing all measurements (temperature, humidity, air pressure, internal temperature, light, UV radiation)
    • transport specific adapters for WLAN and LoRa
    • should be handled in a stream-processing way (pipeline modeled using StreamPipes)
    • should be stored within BigGIS database i.e. Accumulo/Exasolution (sensor,lat,lon,ts)
      • a Flink job that persists the events from the Kafka queue into MySQL or PostgreSQL exists, could be extended to support other JDBC databases
    • should be sent to (TODO:Jochen)
    • Outlier filtering node (kafka → flink → kafka)
  • Deployment

    • 34 LoRa sensor units should be deployed, Julian handles locations, external organizations etc.

Web-based mobile-friendly app

  • QR code contains stations id and URL that leads to public web
    • the web page contains info about the station and the project
    • admin can click and change station information (or register a new station)
    • lat/lon is taken from the phone (HTML5 geolocation api)
    • admin can add additional parameters (placement details)