Datasets in BigGIS

Data in bwCloud

Pre-cached / downloaded to bwCloud as a part of BigGIS

  • ATKIS land use data (multiple options possible - TODO:Matthias) TODO:how big
    • shapefiles in a directory
    • data in Accumulo/Exasolution
  • New York taxi drives
    • 2GB/month -> for years 2009-2015 potentially ~160GB of storage space
    • multiple options possible - TODO:Matthias
    • bunch of CSV files in a directories organized per year
    • points stored in Accumulo
    • points stored in Exasolution
  • Large historical data sets (HDFS/Accumulo - TODO:Matthias):
  • LUBW (REST API for pulling)
  • DWD (REST API for pulling)
  • Volunteered Meteorological Information (Wunderground) (TODO:UKON)
  • Air Pollution Data (Umweltbundesamt)
  • Drosophila Suzukii Observations (Vitimeteo)
  • Satellite Land-Surface-Temperature (MODIS Satellite)
  • Traffic Incidents (Bing Traffic API)
  • Volunteered Geographic Information (enviroCar)

Connectors to external services

The following connectors to external data sources should be available (for pulling data as a stream).

  • Pulling data:
  • Envisat raster data
  • Landsat raster data
  • DWD weather stations
  • LUBW weather stations
  • Wunderground weather stations

  • Pushing data (REST API needs to be developed from our side):

  • Sensor data from LoRa weather stations
  • VGI data -> compare KA Feedback (TODO)
  • TODO: hyperspectral images from drones (TODO)
  • TODO: other sensor data from drones (TODO)