Responsible person for this section

Patrick Wiener


tbd. some infos about the structure and hierarchical composition of our Docker images.

  • all sources should be on github
  • images should be hosted on dockerhub
  • list of docker images that should be available:
    • HDFS (should use all bwCloud resources available to BigGIS)
    • Kafka with Zookeeper (overview of queues needed)
    • Flink
    • Spark
    • Geotrellis libraries (part of the Spark container?)
    • Accumulo with Geomesa (or Geowave)
    • StreamPipes
    • Exasolution
      • Exasolution should support Accumulo(Geomesa/Geowave) through virtual schema
      • Exasolution should support indexing using 2D, 3D, 4D space filling curves (lat,lon,time,elevation)
    • Geo-Server
      • mit Plugin für Accumulo
      • zur Transformation von Formaten
      • auch als Datenquelle für Cadenza