BigGIS Architecture

The BigGIS architecture, as depicted in the picture above, consists of several layers that are briefly discussed in the following.


StreamPipes tbd.


Analytics and processing

Middleware & Connectors

Data and control flow, connectors are nodes in StreamPipes that enable the user to load various data sources in Apache Kafka or to

Storage Backends

Internally, BigGIS uses a variety of different storage backends for designated purposes.

  • HDFS for GeoTrellis catalog
  • Exasol for xx
  • CouchDB for StreamPipes user and pipeline configurations
  • Sesame for semantic framework of StreamPipes tbd.

Container Management

Running these containers in a distributed manner requires a wide variety of technologies, that must be integrated and managed throughout their lifecycle. To easily deploy our containers, our infrastructure is designed to run on Rancher as our container management platform. tbd.


BigGIS infrastructure leverages bwCloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offer powered by Openstack.